The pioneer of the modern ambulance was from Erie, Col. Percy Lancelot Jones, he made the shift from simply taking men off of the battlefield to hospitals, to sending the physicians to the battlefield in ambulances.

This is how we picture ministry being done at St Paul's Church | Erie. 

Our city needs people sent out to help, we don't need to just be a place to carry the wounded back to, they won't make it.  So we send our members out to serve in the city where the work is needed.

All of our members are expected to be serving in ministry, most of which are not associated with our church.  As individuals serve outside of the church, many times we find the church rallying around them to help multiply their efforts and support the ministries that members do.


Members volunteer at faith-based agencies such as The Erie City Mission, college ministries at local schools, Our Neighbor's Place overflow shelter, a ministry to families of premature babies.

They also volunteer at  wonderful non-profits that are not faith based such as Our West Bayfront, or at the schools. Many of our non-faith based ministries give us an opportunity to share our faith not only with those we serve, but those serving with us.

St. Paul's hosts a couple ministries that members are particularly involved. The congregation is very active with The Upper Room which meets in our building. Many help out with The Cross | Urban Missions when groups stay at our church over the summer. We also host Our Neighbors Place for a couple weeks in the winter.